Creative Custom Packaging Can Help A Martial Arts School's Marketing

Posted on: 4 June 2015

A martial arts business should not always focus on just self-defense. Whether your business involves teaching self-protection and/or selling equipment to martial artists, always maintain a serious, dedicated focus on promotions. Think promotions even when it comes out to mailing letters and packages. The right custom packaging with the perfect creative touch could greatly help with marketing the business.

A Simple Photo-Mailing Approach

When adults inquire about signing their children up at a martial arts school, always ask them to leave a mailing address so you can send them updates. Here, the doors of promotional opportunity open.

Kids often make up a good portion of a martial arts school's students. Parents, however, might not be sure the activity is right for their children. They may have seen a lot of martial violence in the movies and on video games and may think your family-friendly school is home to gladiatorial combat. Tweaking your promotional postcards a bit can help change hearts and minds.

On the postcard, present a photo of kids in their karate uniforms smiling, laughing, and having fun. Images such as these are definitely going to help remove negative opinions about your school's suitableness for children.

Dressing Up a Package

Mailing out packages to fulfill mail orders of uniforms or safety equipment helps schools make extra money. The internet presents many portals through which such sales can be performed. Do not make the mistake of just putting these things in generic brown or tan packaging. Custom packaging from a company like Packaging Center Inc, that highlights your business, is going to be a nicer touch.

Imagine packaging designed to look like a folded Judo gi. The white-colored package could come with the design of a knotted black belt wrapped around it. The belt, of course, would be drawn into the packaging, as would the creased, thick collar appropriate for a real gi. From a distance, a well-designed package might look like a real martial arts uniform. At close range, the package reveals itself to be a novel idea that cannot help but impress the recipient.

The Impression Impact

Putting a little extra effort into the crafting of how you present postcards or packages has the potential to help the business stand out. Innovative packaging could leave customers with a positive impression. This impression helps brand the business as being something unique and special. Perhaps someone across town who orders a new pair of protective gloves might be so suitably impressed, he/she becomes a prospective student and decides your school is worth the trek to check out.

Just be sure to hire the right service to handle the creation of the custom packaging and mailing items. A quality service is going to produce equally high-quality mailing supplies.


Selling Online: Choosing Shipping Methods

Opening my own online business involved more than site design and settling on what I would offer for sale. There was also the matter of how to ship orders to my customers. I quickly learned that no one method is a good fit for every client. That led to me looking into shipping options that covered a range of needs. Today, I offer solutions for clients who order smaller quantities and different options for customers who order in bulk. My goal is always to provide fast and secure shipping while offering the best price. If you are thinking of starting an online business, let's talk about the shipping options. I'll help you learn how to evaluate different providers and what it takes to lock in the best rates. With the right shippers, you'll keep costs lower and get to keep more of your profits.