A Basic Guide For Shipping Your Luggage

Posted on: 24 June 2015

Traveling has become more expensive in recent years, especially if you have quite a bit of luggage to bring with you. Airlines are now charging for almost every checked bag, both by the number of bags and their weight. Due to increased security, more luggage also equals more time in the terminal building and at security checkpoints. After all of this, you still need to hope your bags make it to your destination at the same time as you. Fortunately, the shipping industry has a solution, as the following guide will show.

Travel Plans

Luggage shipping is the best option when your plans include only a single destination, as opposed to a multiple-leg journey. This way, if your luggage happens to arrive a day late, you haven't already departed for your next stop. Check with the shipping company ahead of time so you know the best date to ship by to ensure your items arrive at your destination on time.

Hazardous Items

Shipping is often seen as an option for things that you can't carry on a plane, but keep in mind you may not be able to ship everything, either. For example, fuels and explosive items, such as fuel for a camp stove, cannot be shipped by most carriers.

In other cases, though, it may be easier to ship so-called hazardous or dangerous items. For example, sporting equipment or other items not allowed on carry-on baggage, but expensive to check, often arrive safer and for less cost if you opt to ship them instead.

Packing Pointers

The goal is to get the items to your destination as safely as possible. Often, you can ship luggage, such as hard and soft suitcases, as-is. This means no messing with unwieldy boxes. Whether you use a suitcase or box, though, make sure breakable items are well-padded, just as you would for any shipment. Package fluids, such as a bottle of wine or shampoo, in sealed plastic bags just in case there is a leak.

Shipping Home

An overlooked aspect of travel shipping is that you can use it to save while you are on the road. For example, package up your souvenirs or extra items you don't need and mail them home so you don't have to continue lugging them around on your trip. You can even ship home gifts for others or those you may receive on your trip, which is especially useful when visiting family over the holidays. Who wants to juggle extra luggage in a busy Christmas-time airport?

Keep in mind that if you are traveling overseas, you may need to pay customs on the items you ship home. This is no different than the customs you would pay in the airport if you were flying the items home with you. For more information on how shipping can benefit you, talk to a business like Port Aransas Business Center.


Selling Online: Choosing Shipping Methods

Opening my own online business involved more than site design and settling on what I would offer for sale. There was also the matter of how to ship orders to my customers. I quickly learned that no one method is a good fit for every client. That led to me looking into shipping options that covered a range of needs. Today, I offer solutions for clients who order smaller quantities and different options for customers who order in bulk. My goal is always to provide fast and secure shipping while offering the best price. If you are thinking of starting an online business, let's talk about the shipping options. I'll help you learn how to evaluate different providers and what it takes to lock in the best rates. With the right shippers, you'll keep costs lower and get to keep more of your profits.