Silica Gel Packets – Battling The War Against Moisture In Your Home

Posted on: 16 October 2018

Do you live in a moist climate and struggle to keep things around the house dry? Moisture is so difficult to manage because it can get anywhere and damage just about anything. So, what can you use to decrease the number of items that are moisture damaged this year? Believe it or not, you can save quite a few things around the house with nothing more than silica gel packets. Here, you'll find a few tips to help.

What are silica gel packets?

You know those little packets of bead-like things that you find in shoes or pockets in the items that you buy brand new? Well, those are silica gel packets. They absorb moisture and trap it within the beads. They are toxic, so be sure to keep them away from children.

Important Documents, Pictures and Papers

Many of the important documents, pictures and papers in your home are irreplaceable – if you can replace them, you'll have lots of hoops to jump through and probably some fees to pay. Don't risk any of them. Fireboxes are made to store these types of items safely in your home. They do a great job with protecting against fire, but if there is any moisture in the items that you put in the fire-box before you put them in there, the moisture will be released inside the box and will not be able to escape. That's when it settles on the other papers inside.

So, to eliminate the moisture inside the fire-box, stick a few silica gel packets inside.

Basement Moisture

If you have a damp basement, you probably have a dehumidifier running and possibly some fans. Placing a few silica gel packets here and there will help – if the moisture level is very high, consider buying the silica gel in bulk and filling buckets or open jars with them.

Place the buckets or jars in the corners where the moisture seems to be the worst. It can be hard to keep the spaces behind boxes, shelves and stored items dry, so that's where the silica gel should be placed to work it's magic.

Extend the Usage Life of Silica

Unfortunately, the silica gel can only absorb so much moisture before it needs to be replaced. The good news is, you can give it a second life by setting it on a cookie sheet and baking it for about two hours in a two-hundred degree oven.

This is an easy way to fight moisture throughout your home. Use the silica gel packets anywhere you find moisture causing problems.


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