A Few Things You Need To Know Before Shipping Things Overseas

Posted on: 29 December 2018

If you have the need to send packages or cargo overseas, you will be a bit surprised to find that the process is a bit different than simply boxing it up, going to the post office or other mail carriers, and paying to have it sent where it needs to go. When things are going to a different country, the customs agency of both the US and the country you are shipping to will become involved. This can create all kinds of problems. To ensure that your goods get to the person or company you need them to get to, here are some things you need to know about the process.


You want to make sure that everything will remain safe during transport. Make sure you use a large box and wrap everything well. There may be regulations on what type of packing material or boxes you will be allowed to use so be sure to check with the cargo transport company who will be handling your things. They can tell you if there are any special requirements. Of course, you will need to take the shipping method into consideration too. Anything that is going by sea will be packed into a huge shipping crate on the ship. If you are worried an item will not fare well in a shipping crate you should shop that via air instead.


As you are packing your box or crate, be sure to list everything that is going into it. You will need to prepare two sets of papers declaring what you are shipping. In addition, make sure that the freight transport services you will be using have all the required licenses, permits, and certifications to ship to the destination country. You can contact the port where your things will be going and ask what documentation is needed. Every country will have their own rules and regulations. If you are shipping to an inland country, you will need to have an extra set of papers for the port country that will be unloading the crates. 


Certain items will not be permitted into certain countries. Other items may be allowed entry but only with special treatment and documentation. It will be up to you to make sure that everything you ship is allowed to be shipped. If the customs agency finds a restricted item among your things the whole shipment will be delayed until they decide it is okay to send it on.

Contact a few different cargo transport services to get information on how to ship to the country you need to shop to. Ask them about their licenses and such and then check with the customs agency in the US and in the destination country to verify they are legit. If you are not sure of how to pack things, the freight company can send someone to help with it so you can be sure everything arrives safely. 


Selling Online: Choosing Shipping Methods

Opening my own online business involved more than site design and settling on what I would offer for sale. There was also the matter of how to ship orders to my customers. I quickly learned that no one method is a good fit for every client. That led to me looking into shipping options that covered a range of needs. Today, I offer solutions for clients who order smaller quantities and different options for customers who order in bulk. My goal is always to provide fast and secure shipping while offering the best price. If you are thinking of starting an online business, let's talk about the shipping options. I'll help you learn how to evaluate different providers and what it takes to lock in the best rates. With the right shippers, you'll keep costs lower and get to keep more of your profits.