Great Tips to Remember When Packaging Hazardous Materials

Posted on: 1 July 2020

If you're packing hazardous materials and shipping it off, you have to be very strategic with these steps. Otherwise, complications could arise like fines and injuries. You can keep these issues at bay if you keep in mind the following hazardous packing protocol.

Label Appropriately

When shipping any type of hazardous materials, it's important that you label the packaging appropriately. Only then will the shipping personnel know how to handle these items to avoid contamination.

There are labels you can have printed off for hazardous materials specifically. They will include the words hazardous and provide relevant information that shipping companies need to know. Some of these details might include warnings and DOT regulatory reminders.

Once you have this label made, make sure it's included in a visible area of the packaging. Then shipping companies will be able to spot it with ease. 

Consult With the Manufacturer

No matter what type of hazardous materials you plan on shipping, it's highly recommended to consult with the manufacturer of the materials first before packaging it.

They know the materials better than anyone else and can come up with a list of protocols that you should follow to avoid injury, sickness, and future contamination.

Make sure the manufacturer breaks down the packaging requirements and steps you should follow from start to finish. You then won't have to second-guess what you're doing. The manufacturer knows best and they'll help you avoid a lot of stressful complications.

Ensure a Tight Seal

Probably the most important thing to remember when packaging hazardous materials for shipping is getting a tight seal. You don't want any of the materials to get out; ensure they don't by using a protective bag or some sort of special container.

The seal you use needs to be secure and prevent any leaking from occurring. If you need assistance, there are plenty of hazardous packaging guides you can use and special packaging equipment you can buy. 

As long as you can ensure no leaking will occur while the hazardous materials are being transported, you should have nothing to worry about.

A lot is involved in packaging hazardous materials and rightfully so. The government wants to avoid possible injuries and sickness at all costs. If you're dealing with hazardous packaging for shipping purposes, just make sure you know what safety protocol to follow. You can then save yourself a lot of time and future stress. 


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