Reasons To Use Shipment Impact Indicators On Valuable Products

Posted on: 29 August 2022

If your company ships a lot of valuable products often, then you need to do everything you can to protect them. One way you can do this is secure shipment impact indicators for your products before they go out for shipping. They can help your business in a couple of ways.

Precisely Track When Impacts Occur

When impacts happen to valuable products, your company needs to know when because it gives you relevant information that can be used to prevent similar incidents from happening. You'll have the capabilities of determining the precise moment an impact happens to valuable products if you use shipment impact indicators.

It features specialized sensors that will detect when an impact occurs, whether it's the product falling on the ground or bumping into another structure. You can take this data and then improve handling procedures going forward so that you're not at risk of losing a lot of money because of chronic product damage.

Better Educate Employees

Even if you properly train employees on how to handle valuable products before they're shipped out, mistakes can still happen. You need to identify these mistakes right away though because you can use them as teaching moments so that employees don't keep doing the wrong things over and over regarding how valuable products are handled.

Shipment impact indicators are designed to go off when the wrong handling procedures are performed, and you can show these instances to your employees if they make a mistake with product handling. There will be tangible proof that can be used to better train employees going forward.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

If valuable products are being shipped to customers, then it's paramount to keep damage from happening because they want their items arriving in pristine condition. In that case, it's a good idea to incorporate shipment impact indicators into your operations. 

They'll continue to track how your products are handled during shipping. If there are ever issues, such as excessive vibration or collisions, the indicators will go off and then you can use this data to see what went wrong. That's going to improve shipping and handling operations to where customers receive items in great condition on a consistent basis. This is key in keeping them happy and loyal over the years. 

If you have to ship valuable goods all the time, some of the best resources you can invest in are shipment impact indicators. They'll go off when the wrong procedures are performed, and then you can see what improvements are necessary to keep valuable products in better condition.


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